Performance Expert

So what is a 'Performance' Expert?

In order to achieve optimum performance, whether in business, sport or life, you need the right mental strategies, take the right actions, and have the right behaviour. I work with individuals, groups and businesses to deliver that ability to you.

In my own sports career I have been World Champion thirteen times - I've walked the walk. My academic studies have taught me the psychology, neurology and physiology of performance. I have been teaching at various levels consistently since 1984. I am perfectly placed to help you, your business or your group achieve the best performance they can.

I have worked with many business owners and business persons on a one-to-one basis helping them with elements of their business, from overall strategies for their business, change management, motivation, confidence and self-esteem, through to helping them achieve key deliverables. I have worked with business and local authorities. 

I have often worked with the British Army. Firstly, as a Subject Matter Expert I have worked on the development of 'Combat PT' - the product that Army PTIs leave the Army School of Physical Training with. I have worked with the British Army Judo, Boxing and Kayak teams, as well as delivering to PTI's and a wide cross section of soldiers. I have also worked with the British ISDE Team and delivered to numerous sports clubs.

On a global level I can help my clients with the 'base' level of knowledge such as how their minds work and the resulting actions and behaviour, the mind-body connection, and other elements of psychology, neurology and physiology.

As specific examples I can help clients with:

• Nerves, worry, anxiety, fears and panic attacks
• Removing mental blocks
• Attention during performance – maintaining performance
• Arousal level – creating, maintaining and consistently achieving the best state of mind and body
• Improving technical abilities
• Correcting previous mistakes
• Motivation – for every element of performance
• Managing emotional responses
• Focus and sensory awareness
• Managing self-talk
• Speeding up reactions
• Mental Rehearsal – for technical improvement, what-if’s, perfect performances, time distortion and more 
• Self hypnosis
• Team building and coherency
• Coaching and leadership skills, language, beliefs, values, motivation, how a manager, leader, coach or trainer can get the most from their clients

Each appointment will be tailored to specific needs. Please contact me on 07879 624646 or via to discuss further how I can help you.